WELCOME TO Pilates Vita SF Wellness Studio

  • Pilates is an innovative and safe system of mind-body exercises evolved from the principles of Joseph Pilates.
  • At Pilates Vita SF we are dedicated to teaching the original principles of Joseph Pilates:
  • Control
  • Fluidity
  • Breathing
  • Concentration
  • Centering
  • Balance
  • Strength building
  • We work on an individual basis, with each client, to maximize the Pilates “ lifestyle through movement, exercise and attitude. Our studio offers a relaxing, zen- like experience for the client to feel completely relaxed and focused on being at one with their body. The studio is clean and well lit with natural light. We have a bathroom/changing room. Each client is offered a fresh towel and water at the beginning of every session.

One on one

We are a boutique studio offering individual, personalized, one on one instruction for each client. To give them the best experience possible. Our studio is equipped with brand new, “state of the art” Balanced Body equipment. We have two ALLEGRO 2’s, a Trapeze/Cadillac Reformer Combination, the Barrel, a Stability Chair and a Spring Board to offer the client the ultimate flexibility for their Pilates experience.

private classes

Uniform development is the hallmark of the Pilates method. A certified instructors trained eye, focuses directly and solely on your form, technique and breathing, and each clients bodies individual needs. We will help you understand and progress more quickly. As trained instructors we can spot subtle inefficient movements or breathing patterns that make your exercise less productive. We are dedicated to giving you very personalized, specific instructions to address these opportunities. Disciplined, precise, controlled movements are hallmarks of the Pilates method. Pilates originally named his method “Contrology” because he believed that you could become fit and healthy only if you trained your mind to control the actions of your body. We use the “Contrology” teachings in every session. We are truly driven to help people be healthy and enjoy their lives.

Distinguished Teaching Award Honors Pilates VF Business in San Francisco

In a glittering ceremony that celebrated excellence in education and innovation, the Best of San Francisco Awards bestowed the Distinguished Teaching Award upon the Pilates VF Business, recognizing its outstanding contribution to the health and wellness education landscape.

Pilates VF, known for its commitment to providing high-quality Pilates instruction, has become a cornerstone of fitness education in San Francisco. The accolade acknowledges the business’s dedication to excellence in teaching, transformative methodologies, and its impact on the community’s well-being.


The fundamental goals of Pilates are uniform development, proper breathing, flexible and decompressed spine and joints, robust circulation, and a unity of mind/body/spirit. When you focus your mind to control and coordinate your movements, your body develops more uniformly, and your spine and joints achieve a healthy range of motion, thereby promoting increased circulation and breathing capacity. This, in turn, brings more life-giving oxygen to all your tissues. Pilates achieves these goals through Joseph Pilates guiding principles.


Whether you’re a ballerina or a couch potato, a mountain biker or a fitness novice, you can do Pilates – and reap its amazing benefits. Perfect for building stronger, leaner, more flexible muscles; relieving stress; and achieving full body health, the Pilates method is a revolutionary program that has the power to transform lives.


Regeneration, not degeneration – that’s what the Pilates method of body conditioning is all about. And regeneration is essential to physical rehabilitation. Pilates is an effective method for repairing injuries and overcoming the effects of physical trauma or imbalance as it helps you regenerate your movements for a strong, healthy, balanced body.

Why Choose Pilates VIta SF?

We achieve maximum wellness and health benefits through the teachings and instructions of Joseph Pilates.

Quality at Affordable Price
Best in Class Equipment


For an affordable wellness studio with affordable price, contact Pilates Vita SF.


Simply, they are the best! First, the instructors are very friendly and considerate. After they noticed that I have some issues on my neck, helped me to build the muscle which wouldn’t hurt my neck but support it. Very careful and considerate. I thought the movements should be quite limited but it was not! They teach me new movements every time and they really works! They are the experts. Second, it is clean! I like how they manage the devices and instruments. Those are always cleaned up and the place is also clean and nice. I love the location as well.

I love everything about this place…flexible schedule, amazing instructors, clean and new devices, the quality of the classes.. nothing to complain.


I was hesitant to try this practice due to somewhat aging ailments but these fellows made me feel entirely safe. Very professional and well versed in this field. First visit is truly free, no pressure. I don’t comment on media sites often and I don’t hand out compliments freely. This studio is a rare find. Kudos to you Maursario and Greg


The best experience with Mauricio and Greg as one on one trainers. They are knowledgeable and caring and truly make you feel comfortable. This is my first experience in Pilates and I could not be happier. Their studio is clean and comfortable with everything you need. Highly recommended!


I started one on one Pilates in order to heal my injured left knee. Working out with Mauricio and Greg is not only enjoyable but also super helpful for rebuilding my left knee strength and balance of the body. They are so friendly, supportive, and excellent instructors. The studio is really lovely, welcoming and comfortable!


Love this place, the best Pilates studio in town. Beautiful, clean and SPA like. I’m have been doing Pilates with Mauricio and Greg for a year and I’m so happy with the results. They offer a great Pilates experience and they really know what they are doing.


I was one of the early customers and I am hooked! I had never done Pilates before and it is working out great for me. The owners are awesome. The studio is designed tastefully.

I think the person who wrote the negative review is confused and must be referring to another studio. I have not experienced any of the things she mentions in the past 4 months.


Outstanding studio! Greg and Mauricio are the absolutely best pilates instructors. I’ve tried group pilates in many countries, but having that 1:1 experience is priceless! They understand my body and cater each work out to my individual needs. They are also super cool too! 🙂 👍 👍 👍


Love this place! Started a few weeks ago and regular sessions are really starting to pay off. Super friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Thanks Mauricio and Greg – and see you again soon!


I had the opportunity to do 10 classes of pilates with Mauricio and Greg …they are amazing personal Pilates teachers. My body is thankful .
The place is very cool and the machines are new and very good quality. I am impressed.👏👏👏


I started with Vita Pilates on the advice of my GF to help me return to shape and relieve tightness and chronic lower back pain. Mauricio and Greg have designed a program for me that has improved my core strength and posture. My day to day pain level has been significantly reduced as a result and I am feeling strong and flexible again.


Excellent one to one lessons with Owner and Pilates expert Mauricio. Very knowledgebale, encouraging and compassionate. He really knows his stuff and my cronic back pain is much improved after only a couple of sessions. No hesitation in recommending this boutique studio for individual attention!


I was a gym instructor years ago!!!! Retired and tired, with a pain here and there! After my first class with the instructor Greg I feel my body engaging again!!! The soft movements and the step by step excercises realy improve my body condition! I was lucky to get the package and fit in their tight schedule!!!!! Thanks PILATES VITA a exclusive nice place!!!



Love this place! I was new to Pilates, but recovering from some physical downtime. My objectives were / are improved mobility and strength. Mauricio and Greg are patient, knowledgeable and extremely supportive. I’ve see constant improvements, and will continue to frequent this great little place. As an aside, the guys are very involved in the local neighborhood community, which I very much appreciate.


I signed up after my physical therapist suggested that pilates would be good for my knees. I needed a low impact exercise since I was told I couldn’t go to the gym and do my regular exercises. Not only has it helped my knees get stronger, but I’m more flexible, my lower back has improved, I’m back at the gym doing weights and my golf game seems to have improved with all the core and flexibility work. Mauricio and Greg are attentive and change the workout based on needs and ability. They don’t have you just go through the motions and are constantly building on the previous session. I highly recommend for anyone looking to change things up or just to add something new to their routine.


Honestly the owner is spectacular! I never knew I wanted to Pilates because I thought I was too young. I’m telling you it’s a hell of a workout.